February 05, 2007

"Face Ad" concept

You have a blog? Almost everyone nowdays writes blogs, but few of us can boast with spending hours to careful read others.

In first ten minutes after signing up with MyBlogLog.com I got ten messages, each of which told me how good my blog is. It was very pleasant! (Even despite they also asked me to see their blogs in return). The problem was, - my website's stat showed that only three of them visited my blog! And of course, nobody could tell me how many of those visitors actually read my words.

The idea of this web project is incredibly simple, however, may look somewhat weird, - to become a READER for other peoples' content.

It appeared easy, - I really LOVE READING! But to make this personal hobby socially useful, I needed to invent some technical solution. Last week I analyzed several popular Internet concepts, including FuelMylog.com and 2,000 Bloggers (see my posts about them here). My key conclusion, - underlying technology must be SIMPLE!

In result, my previous idea of advanced HTML Ad transformed into simplified minipage format, - one thumbnail image with a link!
I call it the "Face Ad".

In general, magic attraction from viewing human faces is difficult to explain! I first learned about this phenomenon ten years ago, when psychologists found the terrific thing, - even in the age of 1, kids love to watch photos of faces of other kids!

Next idea is to make the "Face Ads" mosaic a part of other websites! In the simplest way, just paste HTML code of the free widget to your webpage.

What's on the ads? You tell me!
Procedure of submitting news tips is simplified too: just leave a message in my Mybloglog-News community with your (1) news headline, and (2) link to full version.
First ads were created by reading blogs of my community members.

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